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Candidate Etiquette

Interview Etiquette which enhance / get ahead in whatever job you do. 
1.Be on time-Be punctual. 
2.Be discreet. 
3.Be Courteous,pleasant and positive (this is irrespective of the pressures on you. 
4.Be concern with others ,not just yourself. 
5.Dress appropriately. 
6.Use proper written and spoken language. 

What is employee empowerment? 
1. Demonstrate Value 
2. Share leadership vision. 
3. Share goals and directions. 

Interviews!!!! . The only way to get that Job!!! 
There are Do and don’t the interviews. In this article we would discuss the things one should avoid during the interview. Please tell me about your company? Never ask this question!!! As a candidate you should do your homework and find enough information about the company before you go for the interview. To find about the company you can: 

          • Go to the company website 
          • Search on various article published on the internet and print media.

Use search engines to search for the information.
 • Ask the consultant who is possessing your profile
 • Find with in your known circle – who all are working for the company and then ask them.
• Go to the Library and try to get information about the company          

• Get the annual report of the company and get information.

###-Remember if you are well informed your chances of getting the job are higher as the company will consider that you are serious about the job and have not just come for window shopping. Ask questions that show well informed and eager to work at the company.